Rustic Chandelier DIY

When I have a house of my own, the dinner table will be the heart of the home.

And this will hang above it.

For now, it hangs gracefully from the air vent in my childhood room.


I can’t take full credit. I noticed this in a local boutique and kind of assumed what it might be made out of.

What did I use? A hulu hoop, gold spray paint, decorative branches, and some string.

And glitter. Always glitter.

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Real Bride Contributor – House of White by Andrea

I’ve caught wedding fever and it is magical. And fun. A little bit crazy. And sometimes stressful.



I am really thrilled to announce that I will be serving as a Real Bride Guest Blogger on House of White by Andrea over the course of my wedding planning!

Follow me on this insane insanely beautiful journey as I navigate the most important day of my life thus far.

Content will be posted on Andrea’s blog each month! I will also link to each post here. Andrea is doing some incredible things and I am super stoked to be a small part of it.

Check out her stunning bridal boutique at and stay tuned!

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DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part Two

My winter rage is on the edge of finally being snuffed out with warmer weather looming on the horizon (and possible tornadoes).

#great #midwestproblems

To do items are at last being accomplished because of my spring-inspired motivation to leave the couch!


This project will FINALLY  go off to the quilter within the next week! I decided to forgo honing my newly acquired quilting skills on this project. Memories can’t be replaced in the event that I really f*** this one up.

All piecing of the fabric was done by me! Visit DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part 1 to see how.

I didn’t have enough t-shirts for the size quilt I wanted so I made some filler pieces. The embroidery was easily done on my Babylock Ellure and adds a nice touch.


I started out piecing together t-shirts in horizontal strips.

And then so on.

After piecing everything together, I flattened each seam with an iron.



Visit my DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part 1.5 to see how I used Spoonflower to create a unique fabric for the top.


So many memories all in one place…

Stay tuned for the final reveal!


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