DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part Two

My winter rage is on the edge of finally being snuffed out with warmer weather looming on the horizon (and possible tornadoes).

#great #midwestproblems

To do items are at last being accomplished because of my spring-inspired motivation to leave the couch!


This project will FINALLY  go off to the quilter within the next week! I decided to forgo honing my newly acquired quilting skills on this project. Memories can’t be replaced in the event that I really f*** this one up.

All piecing of the fabric was done by me! Visit DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part 1 to see how.

I didn’t have enough t-shirts for the size quilt I wanted so I made some filler pieces. The embroidery was easily done on my Babylock Ellure and adds a nice touch.


I started out piecing together t-shirts in horizontal strips.

And then so on.

After piecing everything together, I flattened each seam with an iron.



Visit my DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part 1.5 to see how I used Spoonflower to create a unique fabric for the top.


So many memories all in one place…

Stay tuned for the final reveal!



About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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