Drop Cloth Curtains

I am really loving this whole DIY thing with canvas drop cloths. Like the kind you cover things with when you paint.


I very often frequent the fabric store and my heart sinks when I notice the hefty price tag. What’s a girl on a budget to do?!


And then go to Lowe’s.

I purchased these canvas drop cloths and whipped up some quick curtains for my bedroom nook.

 As I’ve said before, I am an adult now and adults need adult bedrooms.

Nothing kinky.

Just more Audrey and less Blossom.

I wanted floor to ceiling curtains so the price was perfect for the amount of fabric I needed. They have that lovely, neutral color that I’ve been looking for and are thick enough to create a sense of luxury. And block out enough heinous light in the mornings.

Because I’m a vampire. More or less.


So this is my new adult nook! Free of American Girl dolls, bean bag chairs, and Tiger Beat posters of Orlando Bloom and the rest of the LOTR cast from 2001.

Feels GOOD.

DIY Tufted Ottoman


About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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2 Responses to Drop Cloth Curtains

  1. This looks lovely! A very adult and sophisticated look, indeed. Thanks for the tip on the drop cloth.. those are a really good price!!

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