Carrie Bradshaw Tutu Skirt DIY

It feels like I haven’t been in this corner of the internet in months. Oh wait…

Life is so busy and wonderful but doesn’t leave much time for my other passions at the moment.

One thing I always have time for is coming up with the best halloween costume idea EVER. I love it. Halloween is the only time of year I have a valid excuse to play dress-up as many times as I want and not look like a complete weirdo.

This year, I repurposed an old slip to make Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu skirt. Who doesn’t wish they were Carrie Bradshaw every single day of their life? At least I could pretend for an evening. Here’s what I did!


What I used:
Needle & Thread
Old Thigh-high Slip


The skirt is made up of three tiers. Each tier contains 5 layers of tulle.


I sewed the five layers of tulle together and created the ruffles in the skirt by using a simple gathering technique. Instead of trying to explain, I will let you watch this awesomely cheesy Martha Stewart video on sewing ruffles.

Sometimes I imagine Martha Stewart talking me to sleep. Nothing weird there at all.

After the layers had been sewn together and gathered, I sewed the tier to the slip beginning with the bottom tier.


I tacked the ribbon to the front of the skirt only, so as not to take away from the stretchiness around the waist.


Doesn’t get much easier than Samantha Jones at a frat house.

Ba-dum bum!



About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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