DIY T-Shirt Quilt: Part 1.5 – Spoonflower Review


I am jumping back into this project and hoping to have made some intense progress by the end of the week!  I tend to start one thing, and then another, and then another…until I have 5 half-finished projects going on at a time.  Here’s an update:

I needed some more fabric to create extra filler pieces for my quilt.  My quilt will be made up of all the t-shirts I acquired as a sorority girl in college, which I am proud to say! I love Lilly Pulitzer’s sorority prints and was hoping, somehow, to include it in the quilt. It cannot be purchased  solely as fabric so I tested Spoonflower for the first time.

Here’s how it works: you create an account, upload a design, photo, etc., the company prints that image onto fabric, and a couple of days later your custom fabric arrives in the mail. Of course, there are a few other steps but overall it’s fairly user-friendly. You can order test swatches before making a bigger purchase. You can also purchase designs uploaded by other Spoonflower users or “sell” the designs you’ve created.

The image I used was taken from a search in Google Images. Nothing fancy.


So what’s the verdict?

I’m impressed!

You have a few different choices of fabrics to print on. I chose to have my design printed on the Basic Comb Cotton. At $17.50 a yard it’s the cheapest option but it’s still not cheap. However, since I only needed a yard at most, it was worth it to add this special touch to my quilt. If you are really wanting a fabric as customized as it gets, for whatever you are working on, it’s pretty cool.

Downside: The Basic Comb Cotton was thinner than I anticipated, so if I use them again I might go for something else.


What do you think? Does Spoonflower make the grade? Despite the price, I’m excited to see this special piece added to the quilt!


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