Bench Reupholstering Tips and Tricks


I love freebies. Who doesn’t??? Since I’ve been spending so much of my free time doing refurbishing furniture for the non-existent place of my own, I have friends and family constantly giving me old stuff just so they can be rid of it. Awesome for me, my mother, slightly more annoyed.

This bench came to me and I immediately saw its potential. As usual, I went with a simple canvas but jazzed it up a bit on the inside.

Below are some tips and photos on how I did it!


When removing the old fabric, try to keep everything intact. Use the old fabric as a template for cutting the new fabric to size. This is a photo of old fabric that had previously been covering the lid of the bench.


Be sure not to damage any of the stuffing. Unless it is in really bad shape i.e. smelly, deflated, etc. it will not need to be replaced.


There are many ways to fold the corners. For mine, I like them as flush as possible so I keep the  fold simple.


To give the bench some secret “umph”, I lined the inside with a decorative script fabric. For the lid, I cut fabric larger than necessary to cover and folded the excess under to give them a smooth finish. I used pins to keep the folds together while I gently went over them with an iron and then hot glued them into place.

bench-upside-downThe bottom can be tricky. I chose not to remove the fabric that lined the underside of the bench.  To cover the sides of the base, I turned the base upside down and stapled as closely to the edge as I could.


Again, experiment with folds until you find one that fits your overall look. Staple, fold, and staple some more until it looks as you want it. Staples can be removed carefully with pliers if you make a mistake or need a do-over.


Chip clips! I used the same fabric to cover the base and staples from the previous photo. I first laid my fabric into the base and aligned my fabric exactly how I wanted it to look in the end. I attached the chip clips to one side of the base which kept everything lined up precisely as I had wanted.  I lifted the fabric and applied Scotch adhesive spray underneath and then pressed the fabric carefully in place. I finished the edges exactly as I had done on the lid.


Who says you have to spend a lot of money to have great style? With some patience and ingenuity, you can have it for practically nothing.




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