Thrift Store Hack: Decorating with Decals


I stalked and then bought this awesome kitchen table set a while back at Goodwill. $50 for a table and four chairs. It was in pretty disastrous shape but after a few coats of grey/gray semi-gloss paint, it looked good as new!



I wanted to add a little something extra but as I’ve said before, I have decorating commitment issues. I love something one minute, and I’m over it the next. I try to keep everything simple and compatible with my ever changing style preferences.

Solution: I found this great “Eat, pray, love” wall decal online! The directions were easy enough to follow and the application went off without a hitch. And, if I decide it needs to be removed in  a few months, it is easily done without breaking out the paint and brush.

However, I love it so much that I think it is going to be around for a long time.

A great message to wake up to every morning with a hot mug of coffee and an annoyingly needy cat in my face.



About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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3 Responses to Thrift Store Hack: Decorating with Decals

  1. jesslachelle says:

    Cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grey says:

    What a pretty makeover! I love the color you picked to paint them!

    P.S. I adore your blog, and I think I’m from the same area as you! 😀

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