Wedding Gift Inspiration

Gift giving is my love language. Once wedding season rolls around, I switch my gift-giving-mode into high gear and will scour months in advance for the absolute. perfect. gift.

I understand the practicality of registries but sometimes it’s nice to give something with a little more meaning behind it.

I found this amazing pillow online and recently gave it to a close friend and his beautiful new wife on their wedding day. I think it may be my favorite wedding gift ever. Friends…take note. Actually, just bookmark this page! For future reference…and I promise…I’ll do my best to act surprised.

NBD but I heard she cried upon opening it. My boyfriend told me she probably cried when she realized all I’d given her as a wedding gift was a pillow. RUDE.


Here are some of my all time favorite wedding gifts! Enjoy!

Personalized Famous Couples Throw Pillow – Red Envelope

Clutch Purse with bride’s new monogram – Marley Lilly

Engagement Photo Coasters – DIY

Personalized Stationary and Thank You Cards – Etsy and Rifle Paper Company

Acrylic State Pendant with heart cut-out in couple’s city – Bauble Bar

MRS. Earring Studs – Kate Spade

Personalized Serving Tray – Personalization Mall

Personalized Wall Print – Etsy

What are some of your favorite and unique gifts to give at a wedding?


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Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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