Magnetic Make-Up Storage

I would never claim to be a make-up expert. Not even remotely. I do, however, claim to be a make-up hoarder.

I love experimenting with new products and trying new things. Most of which fail miserably. But where’s the fun in not taking a risk? I love trends, how-to videos,  and I will tear and claw at whatever free product samples I can get my hands on.

The embarrassing fact is that I have so many products and samples stored away in various boxes, that I tend to forget what I even own. Yikes-a-bee!

To keep my eye shadows and powders visible, I hot glue a magnet to each lid and store them on a magnetic board near my vanity.

Having them right at my finger tips leaves nothing to be forgotten and makes for a quick application and get-away in the morning.





About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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2 Responses to Magnetic Make-Up Storage

  1. Love Bare Minerals… Don’t have nearly as much as you, but I’m working on it. Great idea! I will have to try this.

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