DIY Floral Heart Wreath

I found this photograph on Pinterest awhile back and became instantly obsessed with the stunning heart wreath in the background. Forget the wedding dress. I want the background props.

So sweet and utterly feminine. It would be perfect to display at a bridal shower, birthday party, on Mother’s Day…which is May 11…mental note.

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy another one of my million loves and perform in our civic theatre’s production of M*A*S*H. I was cast as a dumb blonde. Nothing new there. But hey, if the shoe fits…

Fun fact: M*A*S*H stands for mobile army surgical hospital. Knowledge I just acquired. Last week. Clearly, I was not as dedicated to the performance as I thought. And my role placement may have been more justified than I’d like to admit.

 My lovely little sister who I so adore, on days like these, gave me a bouquet of flowers at one of our last performances. I enjoyed them for a few days, but knowing they wouldn’t last much longer, I gave them a new purpose.


You will need:
Styrofoam wreath base
Gold spray paint
Hair pins
Bouquet of flowers
Glue gun (optional)

This wreath only has the life span of a day or two. Enjoy the bouquet first!

Heart-Wreath-Supplies1. Spray paint the styrofoam wreath base. Should you not have enough flowers to cover the entire wreath, a nice pop of color will show through instead.

2. Cut the stems off. Cut as close to the bloom as you can.


3. Gently poke the hair pin through the flower. Then stick the hair pin into the styrofoam.

4. I used hair pins for most of the wreath but brought out the glue gun for some last-minute touch-ups.


5. When the flowers have died, remove the hair pins and save the styrofoam base for another occasion!

I so wish computers could emit smells with corresponding pictures. Invention of the Year 2014?!



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