Designer Inspired DIY: Kate Spade Hashtag Bag


Okay, you guys. No more Kate Spade DIY’s for a while. I really meant to switch it up with this series but I couldn’t resist. Last one, I promise!

This DIY is for my sewing friends but the “hashtag” concept can be applied to just. about. anything.

I love this awesome, nutty, sometimes annoying twitter/facebook/social media crazed world my generation has grown up with. Kate Spade nailed us with their recent line of what I like to call “hashtag” bags. Brilliant. Just…brilliant. And how fun is the color blocking on those totes?

I think the idea of hashtag-ing everything is hilarious and so fitting for the world we currently live in.


This year, I am very blessed to stand next to four of my closest friends on their wedding day. I used this hashtag concept and a simple tote bag pattern to make something fun I can use to haul around all my bridesmaid essentials. Or really, to haul around all the bride’s essentials. Let’s be honest. That’s what we’re there for!

I’m relatively new to sewing and this is one of the first things I’ve made with a pattern. I really like the simplicity of the tote and the color blocking element! For a new comer, the pattern was pretty easy to understand.  There were a few hiccups once I got to the straps, but with a seam ripper and a little patience, I figured it out.

Salme Color Block Tote Pattern – It’s cheap too! Just download to your computer, print, and assemble.

Tip: After I assembled the pattern, I made a separate pattern with tracing paper.  It’s easier to pin to the fabric, for tracing and cutting, and keeps the original pattern in better shape for future use.


My sewing machine has an embroidery component that I used for the text. But next time I will probably just use fabric paint!

There it is. My “hundreds-of-dollars less” version of the Kate Spade Hashtag Bag.  At this point, I’m surprised they haven’t tried to sue me for putting them out of business! Or then maybe, they should just hire me so I can afford all of their pretty things.

But you know what? That just might take the fun out of it all : )


Some extra hashtag fun. Whether you like her or not, Taylor Swift has said it better than anyone else. My life right now!


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