DIY Real Chocolate Eggs


This is one of my absolute favorite projects to make at Easter. Absolute favorite. Maybe of all time. I love sharing these with friends and co-workers this time of year.

While it may seem daunting, it’s not! It’s a simple process of blowing out the egg yolk and filling the empty shells with melted chocolate. If you can handle a little bit of a mess, then proceed!

Disclaimer: You may notice that I look super cute in my sparkly, white top and mint green necklace. This is all part of the illusion.  What you won’t see is me covered in chocolate on my face, hands, and sleeves of that super cute, white top. Which is now marinating in a tub of hot water and stain remover. So put on an old t-shirt and get to work.

To blow out the egg yolk, you will need:
Carton of eggs
Small hammer

Wash eggs thoroughly. In one end of the egg, poke a  small hole with the needle. You may need to use a hammer, tapping the top of the needle to give it just enough force to go through the shell without any cracking. In the other end, make a much larger hole. For this particular project, that hole needs to be really big. Not perfect. Just big.

Over a bowl or sink, blow into the tiny hole and watch as everything else comes out the other end. It’s certainly not the most glamorous process. Which is why you aren’t getting a how-to picture. If you want one, you can google it!

Also, I bet you can guess what we had for dinner that night…scrambled eggs all around!


Next, bring a large pot of water to a boil.

 If you want to dye the eggs as well, add 3 tablespoons of vinegar and food coloring.

Submerge egg shells for 15-20 minutes and until they reach your desired color. If you decide to leave the eggs white, that’s fine. But don’t skip this step because you are also killing all the germs. I really shouldn’t have to tell people this, but you never know…

Just…don’t give someone the gift of salmonella this Easter. PLEASE. Let’s stick with eternal life.


Place eggs back in the carton, let dry, and proceed.

For the chocolate filling, you will need:
Wilton Candy Melts
Microwavable measuring cup
Decorating bag and tip

In a microwavable measuring cup, microwave candy melts at 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval and until completely melted.


Pour melted chocolate into the decorating bag.  This next step is easiest if you have two sets of hands, but if you’re flying solo use a vase or something similar to prop open the decorating bag while you pour.


Gather the decorating bag at the top and squeeze melted chocolate into the large opening of the egg-shell. The chocolate and decorating bag will be hot. It may be best to wrap a paper towel around the bag as you squeeze so you don’t burn yourself.

Repeat until you have filled all of the eggs. I can usually get four, full eggs out of one bag of candy melts.


Refrigerate for two hours. To eat, peel back shell as you would any normal, hard-boiled egg.


How cute are those?! I could eat them all up. But in all honesty, I will because I have no self-control.

And since we’re being open and honest, I will divulge how my actual process looks at the end…


I told you it was messy! But so worth the end result.


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