Starting New Traditions


I take an excessive amount of pictures. I used to scrapbook and print photos for albums but I just don’t these days. So how many times do I ever REALLY get to enjoy and share physical photos anymore? Aside from the select few I choose to display?

I remember when I would rush to the drug store with my plastic, disposable camera. Wait patiently for them to print and pray that at least half of them were decent and not blurry/fuzzy or accidental pictures of the ground. But I loved the feeling of tearing open the envelope and reliving those memories once again.

That doesn’t happen anymore. At least not for me. Those memories sit on my computer for years and maybe they go on Facebook. Really? Has Facebook become my ultimate source for sharing and enjoying those moments?

My boyfriend and I have been able to take two fantastic trips together so far. I loved the idea of taking the time to make photo books for all of the trips we take and all of the moments we share together.

For Valentine’s Day this year, I started that tradition.


“Through Love Colored Glasses”

I love, love, love all of the products and services that Shutterfly has to offer. I’m open to other options (VistaPrint, Blurb…) but so far they take the cake.

Hundreds of designs, inspiration pages, great templates, great promotions, and an easy to use program to upload and customize how ever you should want. Three things to think about before you start:


 1. Don’t Buy Full Price. Unless it’s crunch time, plan ahead. Work on projects periodically. Save finished photo books to your account. Sign up for emails to get notice of their never-ending promotions. Then purchase.

2. Choose Your Photos – Then Make Your Book.
I take a lot of great photos and I take a lot of awful photos. It would have saved me hours if I had taken the time to sort through and delete all the duds before I uploaded them to the website.

3. Document Everything. My biggest hurdle when making the books was I couldn’t remember the names of half the places we went to!  Take photos of restaurant signs, menus, programs, itineraries, whatever you want to remember.  Have the info right at your fingertips when you need it and then delete them afterwards.


“Picture Perfect”

Hopefully he doesn’t read this post…

Two year anniversary book with every picture we’ve ever taken together is in the works. It’s going to be thick!!!


Chevron Love


“Fun + Friends”


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2 Responses to Starting New Traditions

  1. Kelli L says:

    Love these! Great idea! If only I could find the time to do the same. I’ve not done a photo book since 2007. Yikes! I behind 2 kids 🙂

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