Influence Network Link-Up


Home from work and finally linking up with The Influence Network Blog tonight! Living near Indianapolis, I so wish I could attend the conference this year! Alas, I will be in a wedding that weekend. However, I’m so thrilled to be a part of this community and cannot wait to get to know everyone better!

Three things about me:

1. I am classically trained in vocal performance. I studied music and french all through out college. Since then, I’ve dabbled in marketing, event management, fundraising, and even HR. But there will always be a special place in my heart for my first love!

2. I have so many different (and random) hopes/dreams/aspirations that it sometimes makes my head spin. I love trying new things but admit that I can overwhelm myself.  Things I love: DIY, thrifting, music, animals, home design, non-profit work, carpentry, sewing, etc. The list goes on and on. And it only gets weirder.

Did I mention I have trapeze lessons coming up?!

3. I love to laugh and I love funny things. And I mean that in the least cliche way possible!  If you ever need a good SNL clip, YouTube video, or web series, I’m your girl. I know them all. Also a great example of how I excel at wasting time!

The most important thing I’ve learned through The Influence Network?

No matter what I am experiencing in life, I am never going through it alone!


About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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19 Responses to Influence Network Link-Up

  1. Amanda says:

    i always need a good laugh, feel free to send me some good clips and snipits ;p and you are never alone my dear, in fact i feel like we are very similar lol

  2. Krystal says:

    trapeze?! That is AWESOME! I said that in my post — just having too many goals and aspirations. How do we do it all?

  3. Tara Turner says:

    I love your sense of adventure and adore the layout of your blog!

  4. christinamoodie says:

    So nice to meet you girl! I love your blog design. So cute!

  5. that picture is giving me crazy wanderlust! i live in indy, so it sounds like you might be close? so happy to meet you Merrill, and I’d love for you to take the introverts class this month!

  6. Trapeze lessons?! That actually sounds amazing!

    And I’m loving your dress in that photo above (and the location – how beautiful!).

  7. Your blog design is so cute! Bummer you can’t attend the conference this year. Are you seriously taking trapeze lessons?! I’ve never heard of anyone doing that- hilarious! 🙂

  8. I am also trained in vocal performance. 🙂 Love it! So excited to meet you. Will you be going to Influence Conference???

  9. Moriah Sunde says:

    Alright, you sound awesome. If we were neighbors, I’m sure we’d be friends. Great meeting you!

  10. nadinewouldsay says:

    Every time I pop into this space, I always just LOVE that balloons! They’re so fun. I’m so glad you linked up and maybe just maybe you should sneak over to the conference for a few minutes just to say hi.

  11. It’s so nice to “meet” you! My mom and grandmother both have degrees in vocal performance and I’ve sung my whole life. So cool! I can totally relate about all the hopes and dreams – I’m the same way and I love laughing! Now if only I was as funny as I like to think I am! Happy Friday! 🙂

  12. anniewiltse says:

    Oh, girl! I love funny things. You should send me some! That’s awesome that you’re a classically trained vocalist!

  13. Brooke says:

    Lovely to meet you! Was just taking a look through your blog and I have to say I LOVE those dyed eggs-so adorable!

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