A Love Story



I felt like Frankenstein and his monster when this had all come to an end, screaming “IT’S ALIVEEEEE!” at the top of my lungs, laughing maniacally, jumping up and down… I have waited SO LONG to see this come together.

It all started when I had this not-so-crazy urge to buy a fireplace. It’s completely normal to just go and buy a fire place. Trust me. Not a real, working fireplace. But a fireplace “frame.” My thought process is always, “I will DEFINITELY need this for an apartment one day.” Instead of, “I live at home with nowhere to put this, and let’s face it, I will probably be living here till I’m 30.”

But I love fireplaces. I love the symmetry and the centeredness it brings to a room. Somewhere for the eye to go THAT IS NOT a TV stand covered in DVD’s and various cable cords. Somewhere to display pretty things. It’s the heart of a room.

So I have a semi-irrational fear that I will eventually move into an apartment with no fireplace. Cue thunder and lightning.

 At a local thrift store, there it was. My fireplace. In all its plywood, dusty, smelly beauty. It was perfect. I wrote a check and told the guy I would definitely be back on Saturday to pick it up. I had my mom’s Honda pilot and a strong, lovely boyfriend coming in town for the weekend. Everything was going so well!


For Evansville, IN natives this is from Penny Pincher’s. They are awesome. Except when you buy things that don’t fit in your car. How was I supposed to know?!

I had told no one of my brilliant plan until after the purchase and when I did, they gave me “that usual look” and said, “It’s totally not going to fit in that car.” Even though I fought tooth and nail that it was going to be fine and it would fit.

It didn’t fit.

Like at all.

Like…at all, at all.

Apparently, I have really terrible depth, width, and height perception.

Thankfully, I am very tolerated loved and we tracked down a truck and took it home. I painted it in a white, semi-gloss assuming it would get a decent amount of wear and tear. I wanted my fireplace to serve double duty as a book shelf/storage. Love furniture with a second purpose! I lucked out with shelves because I found pre-made, white closet shelves at Menard’s that fit PERFECTLY.


Love that my fireplace can multi-task! We have so much in common.

When all was finished, my mom says, “Wow! That actually does look really awesome!” Roughly translated as, “I seriously had my doubts.”


I clearly do not get my artistic vision from her.


Apothecary Vases: Michael’s

Teal Pillars: Z Gallerie

The bookshelves are easily removable for different styling options. I have furniture commitment issues.


Swoon. I am so in love. This has completely exceeded my expectations.


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Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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