3 Ways to Get the Glitter Fix Satisfied

Ever seen the HIMYM episode when the guys tell Marshall to stay away from his new date because she has crazy eyes? For HIMYM fans, I believe it’s also the episode when the name “Swarls Barkley” is established. And I am officially laughing uncontrollably just at the thought.

This is essentially how I picture myself and my relationship with glitter. I am the “crazy eyes” girl and Marshall is the glitter. I just become certifiably insane for glitter.

I never feel as though there is enough in my life! My three new favorite ways to get that glitter fix satisfied?

1. DIY Glitter Trim Blazer
I have a feeling this old blazer is going to get even more wear time now. All you need? Glitter ribbon, an old blazer, and a needle and thread.

Look out closet. Hide yo’ jackets, hide yo’ shirts!


2. Glitter French Mani via Sally Hansen

This is the first time I’ve dabbled with any nail polish strips. I have to say I’m quite impressed. Easy to use and it looks great. The only thing that would make them look better is if I had actual, long adult person nails and not deformed, short ones.

I didn’t use the clear top coat strip that came with it. Just a coat of clear nail polish and called it done. Hours of entertainment commenced.


3. A Well-Placed Glitter Bow

Bows and glitter. Two of my favorite things.


For the reader:

Pinklette is one of my new favorite jewelry websites to stalk. They are having a spectacular giveaway going on right now! Link is below!


SPKL-ER-203-G_grande minnie_grande

I’ll take them both!


About Girl of a 1000 Dreams

Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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2 Responses to 3 Ways to Get the Glitter Fix Satisfied

  1. Christine says:

    All these idea are fabulously lovely! Next try the glitter gradient on your nails! (sort of like this: http://work-it-blog.blogspot.com/2012/04/easter-nail-polish.html, but I’m getting better at it now )

  2. These are all so fun! I really want a big glitter bow for my hair!!

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