Before/After: Color Blocking Shoe Repair

   I wear the same, two pairs of shoes to work 95% of the time. It’s awesome for me, bad for my shoes. They are in terrible shape.

It was an emotional moment but I eventually mustered up the courage (and funds), to part ways with my beloved work shoes and begin the hunt for new ones.

Little did I know, we’d meet again in another life.

My mother watches plenty of morning television to know about the new “painting your shoes” fad. She brought this up just as I had finished shedding the last tear over my recent loss. This is roughly how the conversation went:

Mom: “I was watching GMA this morning! They had a DIY segment on color blocking shoes with acrylic paint. You could do that with some of your worn out heels.”

Me: “Ugh! MOM, that is totally NOT cool! I’m not going to paint my shoes. DUMB.”

I wasn’t in a good place. But she brushed this off like she always does because she knew I’d come back later and say this:

Me: “Okay…it looks really awesome. You were right. Like always.”

My mother is a genius. And I’m really glad I gave this common DIY a try!


So you’re going to paint your shoes?

1. Before painting, remove as many scuff marks and imperfections as possible.  My imperfections are the result of a disastrous glitter glue incident at Christmas. We all have those days right?

Another of Goo Gone’s  5 million uses: removing scuff marks from shoes.


2. Tape off all areas with masking tape.

3. Paint with a foam brush. (Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint)



 I can’t wait to test these out at the office and brighten up an otherwise dreary cubicle!



Update: I wore these to the office on Valentine’s Day and no one could even tell that I had painted them! #DIYWIN



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6 Responses to Before/After: Color Blocking Shoe Repair

  1. Christine says:

    This is genius! I’m copying this immediately!

  2. Taylor de Sa says:

    These turned out so well! Does the paint wear well?

  3. S.H. says:

    Nice! So you don’t end up having to toss those old friends after all.

    I liked the blog post’s first couple of lines “awesome for me. bad for my shoes”. But after all, you’re not bad to your shoes, after all! It’s always nice to give new life to a well-loved item, especially since so many things are just treated as throw-aways nowadays.

    How long do you think a shoe’s life can be extended this way? I see it’s been a bit over half a year since the post was written.

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