A Season in Pictures

My sister recently acquired a nice, fancy, new camera so I was determined to put it to use and have a decent Christmas card this year.  In the past, our cards usually consisted of photos from an embarrassing trip to Rock City or Amish country.

I found these ideas on Pinterest. It’s really flattering that you think I come up with them on my own!

With some fake snow, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, and a 20 minute crash course in photography for my mom, magic was made.

Well…magic was made after approximately 75 different takes of trying to get the timing right. So we ended up with maybe 5 good pictures. Which is all you need for a decent Christmas card so I was satisfied.


snow fallingwwater

Word to the wise: Keep your eyes closed or semi-closed. Also, don’t puff out your cheeks. You’ll look like a chipmunk.


I really hate to say it. But I love this lipstick. It belonged to my sister and she’s lucky it didn’t end up oh so mysteriously in my purse. After all, everything that is hers is also mine.  Oh the trials of being a little sister.

I’ve been trying REALLY, REALLY hard to be more financially cautious. I promise! But even at $24 it is well worth the price.  And you can believe me because I admit I’ve wasted a lot of money on crappy products in my short, 23 years.  But it’s not sticky and it doesn’t wear off after 8 hours of black friday night shopping and two cups of coffee.  And it won’t end up on your teeth. At that, I will forever be a customer.

What more do I need to do? Grab you by the sock bun and drag you into Sephora myself?

I’d really love it in a more everyday appropriate color like Dolce Vita or Bettina. You know, Christmas is just right around the corner.


We did have a few hiccups along the way…


And we can put on a pretty good show, but in the end we still tolerate each other. I mean love. Definitely love.

It was also a must that we made it to Patti’s this season.  Visiting Patti’s 1800 Settlement and Restaurant near Kentucky Lake is one of my favorite Christmas activities.  I would murder for their cinnamon apple glazed pork chop. And I don’t even like pork chop that much.


It’s like crack cocaine for the Christmas enthusiast. As I like to call myself.





I took this opportunity to yet again force the ones I love to take more embarrassing Christmas photos.  I received a lot of slack from my little sister and boyfriend for taking this picture. HA! Like I care!


But all fun must come to an end.  I become very overwhelmed and upset when I have to leave at the end of our stay.  It’s an emotional time for me.

Here’s to another 365 days of waiting patiently for Patti’s.


And with that Lloyd Christmas wishes you the very, merriest Christmas ever!

lloyd wwater


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