Fabric Flower Tutorial – You know you wanna…

With a new season quickly rolling around the corner, I decided it was finally time to switch out the decorations on my bedroom door.  I mean, I was still using my spring wreath from March. And that’s really just embarrassing.

This is also great because in my spare time, when I am not saving the world and promoting peace and goodwill towards all, I love to make fabric flowers.

So this gives me a chance to put my excellent talents on display! If only I could get paid to do this…

I found the idea of using the chalkboard tags on Pinterest. You think I come up with these ideas on my own? Of course I do. Many times I do, but this was not one of them.  Great though because you can change the text whenever you so please.

Below I’ve included two different flower tutorials and two of my favorite wreaths. Hope you like them!


Such a simple process and so cute.  Oprah once told me that she refuses to have fake foliage in her house.  So naturally, I do to.  Felt and fabric flowers offer me a creative way to bypass this situation.

Also, if you have a little time, it is SO MUCH CHEAPER to make these flowers than buy silk ones at the craft store.

Felt sheets are no more than 50 cents. If that.

Silk flowers can run as high as $10. Eww.

1. Cut out various sizes of circles from a felt sheet.  I like to trace ice cream lids. Obviously, the bigger the circle, the bigger your flower will be.

2. Start from the edge of the circle, and cut in spiral direction until you reach the middle.  See the picture below for a better understanding.

3. Beginning from either the middle end or the outer end of your spiral, roll the felt inward.  Keep one side aligned throughout the process.  Use a tiny drop of hot glue on the end to keep it together.

As you can tell from the picture below, there are two different ways your flower can turn out. The more tightly compact flower on the left was created by rolling from the middle of the spiral.  The flower on the right, fuller and more open, was created by rolling from the outer end of the spiral.

4. All done! Make as many as you wish!

Even though I am very happy with how my new wreath turned out, I was very, very sad to take down my spring inspired wreath. Don’t the sparkly blue robin’s eggs make you so happy?

I decided to include it because I made another type of fabric flower for this wreath.  Really I think it is my favorite type.

I may include another tutorial on how to make the burlap covering but that is for another day. It’s not a difficult process but I would advise not to attempt it without a sewing machine. What can I say. I was desperate.


1. For both flowers shown, I believe I used a very thin, cotton material. Anything will work really. Since I like to make these a lot, I made a simple five-point petal template from some cardstock.  Much easier than free handing and it is best if all of your pieces are the same size. It doesn’t matter how many petals you choose for the template.  Trace the template and cut 5 or 6 from your fabric, maybe more depending on how full you want the final flower.

You will also need to cut one small-ish circle.  Needs to be big enough to accomodate all your cut-outs.

2. Take one cut-out and fold it in half.

3. Fold it in half again.

4. With a tiny dab of hot glue on the point of your folded cut-out, glue to the circle.

The reason I like to use 6 cut-outs is shown below. I start by gluing two across from each other like in picture #4. Then repeat the process, creating a diamond shape as shown in picture #5.  The final two cut-outs are placed in the middle of the flower, giving the flower it’s fullness and filling in any bald spots.

My head is practically exploding with everything I can do with these flowers. The possibilities are endless!


You know those fancy new brooch bouquets coming into style lately? How GREAT would these look throughout the bouquet? Saves money because you don’t have to purchase as much bling AND they would add even more texture and fullness.

That idea I did come up with on my own.


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