She’s Got the Blues

Can I just say that if the French magazine, who so unbelievably exposed my best friend, ever finds itself in the general vicinity of Southwest Indiana, they will have to answer to ME.  In the words of a Miss Charlotte York, “I curse the day you were born!”

In other news, Kate looks just as fabulous with clothes on as I am sure she does without.  While she may currently have the “blues,” I think she looks stunning. As always. I have been dreaming about her blue brocade trench coat since 2009 and LOVE LOVE LOVE the somewhat similar blue trench from  Let’s be honest.  It’s as close as us peasants will get.

To bad I have to spend money on more important things…like food…and Birchbox subscriptions!

Of course, I am partial to navy.  I firmly believe in the power of navy and it’s ability to complement any color.  Navy blazers, navy stripes, navy bags.  I’m getting light-headed just thinking about all that navy!  Navy is and always has been the new black!

Kate clearly understands this concept as well. Need I say more?


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