September Birchbox

My September Birchbox finally came in the mail! My world can continue spinning! That is until I begin the wait again…

But seriously. I live and breathe for this moment.  If you do not know what Birchbox is, check it out. I traded in my Netflix subscription for this and I have never looked back.

If you love beauty samples and trying new things, for $10 a month, you get “heaven-in-box.” Nail polish, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, foundation, you name it.  And if you are anything like me, I basically LIVE off of beauty samples.  Should you fall in love and want the regular sized product, Birchbox sells it all online.

Also, I once received an entire box of Cynthia Rowley band aids that retail for $11. Along with all the usual goodies. Drool.

Look! Such pretty packaging!

Never have I once been disappointed…it’s like Christmas every month.

September’s Box:

Kate Spade NY Twirl Sample Perfume

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Mighty Leaf Tea

Twistband Lace Hair Tie

boscia Oil Free Nightly Hydration

Color CLub Custom Birchbox Polish

Madewell Coupon

As a side note, it love it when they send me nail polish.  They always send me unique, season appropriate shades that I would probably never buy for myself. But of course I always end up loving them. They never fail!

(Please disregard my wrinkly, old lady fingers. I am very self-conscious.)


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Lover of DIY and cats. But aren't we all?
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