DIY Personalized Bulletin Board

This bulletin board project is super simple and a great way to add personalization and function to any area. The directions are fairly straight forward but I hope to give you a few important tips I learned along the way. Enjoy!


What you will need:

Heavy Duty Staple Gun & Staples

Bulletin Board

1 1/2 yards of Fabric

Push Pins


IMPORTANT: Listen to me when I say that you MUST sign up to receive Jo-ann’s coupons in the mail. You will get multiple  40 %-50% off coupons every other week. I used mine and got the heavy-duty staple gun for around $10. 

But seriously. If you are any type of crafter…make the investment. I could never go back to a life WITHOUT my staple gun.


1. Choose your fabric. I think muslin works best but it’s not necessary.  FYI, muslin is a loosely woven, cotton fabric that you can find at any fabric store, usually very inexpensive.  Chances are you’ve used muslin before and didn’t even know it.  It’s also durable but not too thick. Easy to work with.

I went for a light, burlap color. Shabby chic, I think?

2. Make sure the fabric is ironed and flat. I cannot stress iron enough. Just do it. Position fabric underneath the bulletin board, which should be face down on top. If using a patterned fabric, take note as to how you want the pattern to lay before you begin stapling.

3. Pull the fabric tight and evenly over the back the board. Staple along the wooden edge. Continue all around the edge, folding the corners in when you come to them.

Note: What they don’t tell you in Nail Gunning 101, is to FORCEFULLY hold down the top of the nail gun while you staple. If you don’t, you will end up with very crooked, poorly secured nails. And you will be very upset and frustrated like me. Not that I have shed tears over a staple gun. That would be silly…

I wish I had more pictures but sometimes I get overly enthusiastic about a project and I want to complete it ASAP. You know how it is.

4. Once you’ve finished stapling, trim the excess fabric. Almost done!

5. Turn over your board and place the push pins about a centimeter from where you feel the wooden border meet the cork of the board. I found my silver push pins at Jo-ann’s. It was $2.50 for about 150 pins. Steal!

6. To hang my board, I used sawtooth picture hanging hooks that I nailed into the top wooden edge of the board. You can use Scotch wall mounting tape but you will most likely need to use the permanent kind for something this large. And if you ever decide to redecorate, that is not a mess you are going to want to clean up.



Yay! You made it!

(This is literally what goes on inside my head everytime I accomplish a goal.)

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